Athlete Wellbeing – Safe Sport for All

Invitation to all National Ski Associations – FIS Youth & Children’s Seminar

11 July 2018 10:04
Bring Children to the Snow - World Snow Day - SnowKidz
Bring Children to the Snow - World Snow Day - SnowKidz -

FIS believes that all athletes and participants have a right to participate in snow sports without fear of harassment and abuse, in a safe and supportive environment where no-one is afraid to speak up, and where athlete voices are heard.

From the FIS Snow Safe Policy (2018):

FIS strongly encourages all National Ski Associations to develop their own policies and procedures to safeguard athletes and participants from harassment and abuse.

What is Safe Sport?

What is harassment and abuse? Non-accidental violence?

How can we safeguard and protect our athletes from harassment and abuse?

Why does it matter?

Does it matter to my National Ski Association?

FIS invites and encourages all National Ski Associations to send representatives to the FIS Youth & Children’s Seminar in Zurich (Wednesday 26th September) to learn about this topic of global importance to sport. FIS is delighted to welcome experts from the IOC and the new global organisation Safe Sport International who will participate in the Seminar. 

The programme includes a workshop where nations can share what they already have in place and learn what additional actions need to be taken. 

Please register for the event until the 31st of August via this link:


FIS Youth & Children's Seminar Programme 2018

FIS Snow Safe Policy

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