Ayumu Hirano

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Languages: Japanese
Birth place: Murakami, Niigata
Residence: Murakami, Niigata
Occupation: Student
Education: Nihon Unv.
Marital Status: Single
Ski Club: Burton
National Coach: Shinobu Ueshima
  • Ayumu Hirano left his first mark on the FIS Snowboard World Cup circus end of August, 2013, when he dominated the World Cup competition taking home victory at his first appearance in an impressive way.

    The 14-years-old teenager who will turn 15 on November 29 thus became the youngest rider ever to win a FIS Snowboard World Cup.

    He superseded Ross Powers, the 2002 Olympic Gold medalist, who was 15 years old winning the halfpipe competition in Alts, Japan, in February 1995.

    Evil to him who evil thinks.

    However, although this result might have been surprising for many spectators who are not that familiar with the world of snowboarding, the core scene knew about his skills for quite a while now and expected him to go big as he did before.

    This pint-sized powerhouse from Murakami, Japan, finished second at the 2013 Winter X-Games as well as the US Open while winning the European Open in the same year.

    One year later, he earned Silver at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games.

    This highly talented rider, who easily gets some twenty feet air time in the halfpipes around the world while constantly grabbing his tricks from exit to reentry, will definitely leave some more marks in the history books capitalizing from his skateboarding skills as if to the manner born.

    Ayumu's and his older brother Eiju's father is not only familiar with the board world but also runs his own surf shop and skate park.

    As a result, being only five years old, he competed in his first events; with many more to come; skateboarding and snowboarding.

    When not shredding the park and pipe at Yokone Resort, this Murakami based kid skates some man-sized vert ramps with man-sized ability in Calfiornia splitting his time between home in Japan and the US.

Latest World Cup Results

1606121.12.2013HalfpipeCopper Mountain, COUSAWorld Cup13200.00
1605818.12.2013HalfpipeCopper Mountain, COUSAQualification2
1594224.08.2013HalfpipeCardronaNZLWorld Cup11000.00

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